Caring for your Cup or Goblet


With proper cleaning and care, your handcrafted wooden goblet will last a lifetime.


  • Hand wash with warm water and a mild soap after each use.
  • Immediately after washing hand dry with a clean cloth.
  • To help maintain its natural wood beauty and integrity, occasionally recondition your wood product with a food safe oil like mineral oil, boiled linseed oil, butcher block oil or my Wood Butter.
  • When needed, apply oil a little at a time, and work into the wood with a soft clean cloth. Make sure to get both the inside and outside.


  • Don't:
  • Do not put wood in the dishwasher, microwave, or oven 
  • Do not leave beverages in your goblet for a long period i.e. overnight as it may stain the wood. (Red Wine)
  • Do not leave in standing water or filled with water 
  • Do not let wood completely dry out, without being oiled for months 
  • Do not use vegetable or olive oils to recondition your wood product as they tend to go rancid over time.